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Declutter, reorganize, and maximize spaces.

Manage life transitions, downsizing, moving.

Transform disruptive paper piles into accessible manageable files.

Streamline your home routines to improve quality of life.

Organize to promote accessibility and safety.

Create a safe and healthy home for you or someone you know that struggles with hoarding behaviors.


The first visit

Expect a Holistic Assessment. I want to get to know you and your home! This is an opportunity for you to share your story* and reflect on what matters most to you. We will go through a series of questions so I can better understand your goals and how I can help. I will also ask for a tour of your home and spaces. Once necessary information is gathered, we can begin to prioritize goals for future sessions.

*Please note that all information shared is kept confidential and received without judgement. I welcome any and all disclosures that you feel are important for our working relationship. Feel free to unload! I also respect privacy and know that some may not be open to providing personal details. You will never be probed for information. My services are ALWAYS about you and what you need in the given moment.

RATES: $60.00/hour (1-3 Hours)

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the journey

All sessions are person-centered and based on the expressed needs and priorities of the client. No item is ever discarded without explicit permission. Complimentary donation donation removal and drop-off included. Continuation of services is always your choice and based around your scheduling and financial considerations. All services are hourly and based on the amount of time spent meeting personal goals.





$50.00 - $60.00/Hour

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continued support

Throughout sessions, my hope is to transfer skills and share micro habits that will aid you in maintaining organization in your life. Changes in lifestyle often require maintenance work and I am here to help! At the closure of services we can work together to make a plan of how to address backsliding, as well as identify resources for ongoing support.